Monday, March 29, 2010

My Date Night

Ooh! This is my first time participating in any Nuffnang contests. So, I'm supposed to write about my most memorable date, but with my crappy memory, the best I can do right now is write about somethin' that happened last night. :P

Anyways, yesterday both Nic and I woke up pretty late in the PM due to the late night we had in Daph's place. Our idea of a date is just as long as we spend time together. Lots of quality time. So last night, we opted to go 'dating' at the local Sunday pasar malam in Taman Megah (she's been bugging me to go for a long while now...but I keep flaking out ;P).

At 5.30pm, she asked me, "So what time are we going later?" I replied, "6.30pm".

So at 6.30pm she asked me, "It's 6.30pm. What time are we going?" Looking at the still bright, clear sky, I said, "7 something lah".

When 7.30pm rolled around, she said, "So how?" When I heard the resignation in her tone, as if she was expecting, yet again, to stay home watching me stare at the computer screen all night long, I just knew I had to prove her wrong. So I got up, and la-di-daa'ed while getting ready, and we were finally off to the pasar malam. My mom also called and asked me to get her some long beans. *rolls eyes*

On the way to the pasar malam, though the sky was still clear, we could see lightning flashing in the distance. "Eh, gonna rain," she said. "No lah," I replied confidently. By the time we arrived, it was already 8pm. So we moved around buying onions, garlic, eggs and other dry goods we needed to stock up on for Nic to make me more delicious homemade dishes and make me even fatter than I already am.

About 10 minutes into our pasar malam excursion, we progressed to the stall selling steamboat stuff. XD Ever since we had that steamboat session at our place, we've been frequently 'steamboat-ing' whenever we can. Its amazing how we haven't gotten sick of it yet. As we were happily chucking packet after packet of 'balls' (veggie balls, fish balls, pork balls, and several more that I don't even know the names of), I happened to step outside of the stall's canopy to move to the far end of the table.


What was that?

*pitter patter* *pitter patter* *pitterpatterpitterpattersplatsplatSPLAT*


I quickly turned to Nic and said that I was gonna get the umbrella from the car. She was so busy choosing more stuff (only god knows what) that I had to repeat myself twice before she finally paid attention and nodded distractedly at me without taking her eyes off the selection of goodies in front of her.

After running to the car and grabbing my tiny umbrella (I don't use umbrellas much), I quickly hurried back as I realised that Nic wasn't carrying any money and I had forgotten to pass her my wad of RM10s earlier. When I got back, turns out that I needn't have hurried. She was still choosing stuff to buy! >.<"

Anyway, after paying over RM50 (!!!!) for our purchases, we proceeded over to the opposite stall to buy vegetables. Just as we were about to step out into the rain, the sky decided to go WHOOOSHHH and pee down torrents of more rain on us. Half wet before even reaching the vegetable stall, we were literally dripping before we finally finished and was able to make our way to the car. Imagine struggling with an umbrella in one hand, and trying to fumble with pulling out my money with the other. Don't forget the bags and bags of stuff that we'd already purchased earlier too.

To cut a long story short, I smelled like a wet cat by the time we got home. mrrrowwwwwwww...! 

So hopefully if I can win 2 tickets to the movie I can bring Nic out on a proper date this time, and not end up dripping wet halfway through our outing...and not in a good way either. :P

 Me wan flee movie! Hohohohoho...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things that happened 8 years ago...

Solely due to a twist of fate, I accidentally keyed in the wrong username while trying to access Blogger from my phone. Imagine my surprise when Blogger listed a very old blog of mine, then asked if I'd like to link it to my current blog account with Google. Naturally, I said 'yes'.

After the link-up was complete, I started reading some of my old posts. I had a jolly good time with them too, even laughing about some of the stuff I had written before. I'd forgotten alot of the things I'd written about, like 'chucking a sickie' from work just because I was too broke to go (I didn't have a car and was still forced to take public transport then). When I came to the end of the page I realised that there was no "older post" option that you would see on this current blog. I was frantic because I really wanted to continue reading. Because I didn't remember alot of the stuff I'd written about, reading it was almost like reading someone else's blog, except for the fact that everything seemed familiar. So I went into Blogger's template editor and tinkered around for abit (it was the old html type of template) until I could access my archives.

I've always liked reading things that I wrote years ago. Each time I do, I'm always amazed that I could write that way, and wonder if my writing style has changed. Reading back some of what I wrote whilst in college and in the early months of my working life, makes me really miss those times, and just stand in awe of my younger self. I can't believe half the stuff that I wrote actually happened to me. I was such a different person then. I guess time and experience really can change a person so much they don't recognize themselves anymore. I used to think that I haven't changed much since Uni. But since I started reading my old posts...well, let's just say that I'm pretty sure that if I could go back in time and talk to my 21-year-old self, my younger self would probably alternate between staring in disbelief, and shaking her head in disappointment.

Growing old really sucks, you know that? And I havent even hit 29 yet! (Technically speaking, of course).

By the way, if anyone's interested, the link is here. It's also in the sidebar under the list of links and blogs I frequent.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its a no-go for Australia...

Its been a very hectic, hurtful, stressful and depressing period for me over the last week or two. I didn't want to blog about it at the time because all I wanted to do is crawl up under the nearest boulder (I'm a wee bit too big to fit under a rock) and hide. I have an unhealthy tendency to avoid my problems and pretend everything is alright by sweeping them under the carpet until it's too late. This is my latest excuse for not blogging about anything for the last week...up until last night, that is.

I'm normally not afraid to openly bitch about all my petty, insignificant problems, but when those problems escalate and becomes major "I wanna kill you till you die" type issues, I tend to clam up until those problems are resolved. At least resolved for the time being anyway.

I've also decided not to go for my Australian trip. Though I'd already purchased my ticket months ago, and I've been looking forward to it for ages, I'm not going anymore. Its just not worth all the hassle, frustration, pain and disappointment it has put me through. Not to mention I haven't been able to save up nearly enough for a 12 day stay there. Instead of spending over RM2000 on just accomodation for my trip, I'd rather spend it somewhere else. Like paying off my credit card debts. Lolz.

The hardest part will be informing my travel partner of my decision though. However...this is partly her fault too (though mostly mine)...and I somehow don't think she's going to take it very well.

Ahh...the end of another beautiful friendship. Won't be the first time, most likely won't be the last either.

Carnaval review

I have moods when it comes to blogging. Sometimes I post almost everday. Other times I post once a week when the guilt finally grabs me by the throat and yells in my face, "BLOG! NOW!".And I'm starting to wonder why my blog is starting to look vaguely like the restaurant review page of a magazine, or like one of the other gazillion food blogs out there. I guess I just love eating good food.

Anyway, here's a delayed post I've wanted to put up for like a week now. I've finally eaten at Carnaval Churrascaria. After 4 long months of postponement and well meaning promises to myself and Nic that "We'll go eat there next week/month/etc", but always forgetting about it whenever the question of, "Eh, what to eat tonight?" came up, we finally did it. We ate at Carnaval!

The guy standing outside is the boss and the car on the bottom left is the bastard that was trying to run Nic over when she was taking this photo for me. :P 

 So, as you may or may not know, Carnaval is a Brazillian barbecue buffet restaurant that serves different types of meat or seafood as the majority of its barbecued dishes. They serve several varieties of chicken, beef, lamb and prawns. If that's not good enough for you (though I can't imagine why), they also have 2 buffet tables of just side dishes just ripe for picking.

Oh I love the vermicelli! (Bottom left of this pic)
 They even had meat as a side dish!

And here's a closer look at a random selection of side dishes. On our plates, that is. Note the garlic bread. Its soft, tender and thickly coated with garlic butter on both sides. Unfortunately, its not available in the wide array of side dishes but is offered separately. It comes highly recommended on my list.

This is my plate with a little bit of almost everything from the spread of side dishes.
This is Nic's plate. With lots of....healthy veggies. Ick! And why is her garlic bread hovering off the plate??? Is it too delicious to be associated with disgustingly healthy veggies?

They also had 2 bowls of some 'healthy' type dressing on every table. I use the word 'healthy' because it really tasted like crap.

On the left is some really weird sort of mint sauce. Mint leaves and water (at least that's what it tasted like to me). On the right is a mixture of onions, green bell peppers, tomatoes...and more water.

Then came the food. Carnaval has a very unique way of serving their main dishes. Instead of using plates like most restaurants do, they use humans to serve the food instead. 

Human plates. 

The picture above shows my 2nd favourite dish of the night. Medium cooked beef, tender and delicious. Incredibly, it tasted even better than the lamb, which is normally my all time favourite meat.

My number 1 favourite dish!

 If you haven't been to Carnaval, then I'm pretty sure you'll be wondering what the heck that yellow patterned thing is. That, my dear friends and readers, is a slice of the juiciest, sweetest, most heavenly tasting caramelized barbecued pineapple that I have ever tasted. Sadly, by the time they introduced the pineapple, I was too busy shoving food in my face to bother taking a photo, and this one was only taken after I had finished stuffing myself.

With a price of RM50 per head, it's actually pretty enticing as the price is similar, or even a little cheaper than a full meal at Chillis, Tony Romas or TGIF. The total cost of our meal came up to RM117.76, which includes the cost of 2 glasses of water and the 5% and 10% govt tax and service charges respectively.

To conclude my post (cuz I need to head to bed pretty soon as I'm working super fuckin' early tomorrow morning!), I had such a good, pants-loosening time that I am definately going back month. Or something like that. :P

Friday, March 19, 2010


Kennysia was right when he said (or blogged) that Twitter has hurt blogging. However, unlike him, I don't really plan my posts. I just have a vague list of the topics I wanna blog about in my head, and I basically blurt out whatever comes to mind whenever I'm writing about a particular topic. Such as this particular post. For me, the most time consuming part is the editing. If I'm just writing out random text, then that's fine. But once I include any sort of images, then I usually need to re-publish my post 6-7 times in a short span of time just to make sure I get the layout right. However, because Blogger's post manager (despite being user friendly), is also pretty icky when it comes to alignment, sometimes I can never get the layout to work right no matter how much I try.

Just the other day I had the mini-shadow of an image I had previously put up just hovering behind the text on the topmost post displayed on my blog. It took me several days to figure out that it wasn't a problem with that particular post, nor the one that followed it. The image actually originated from the original post, and I finally managed to rectify the problem by going into the original post (which had been posted some weeks before) and deleting the mini-shadow. What was weird was that the mini-shadow image was fully clickable, and was somehow coded to appear in the exact same spot of my blog page, regardless of what post was displayed.

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to say, I've got lots of things to blog about, things that have happened fairly recently in my life. Some of them I've already posted, and some have yet to be even written. For example, there was this time in the last week or so that I somehow or other managed to end up spending over RM2,500 in 2 days. Its not something I saved for, nor planned for, but still it happened. My bank is happy, my credit card is melting, and my white hair is increasing in number as the days go by. But that's a story for another day (if I ever get around to it).

For now, I just wanted to put up a short post (that wasn't on Twitter - the guilt is nagging at me) because I'm avoiding work (again). I'm more efficient when I'm pressed for time. It leaves me more time to relax and just chill out. Heh.

Au revoir for now.

PS - I just saw an email from NuffNang that my first ever ad campaign will be by Sloggi. Whee! I'm (sort of) an underwear model! I advertise underwear! When you see it, please click because there (should) be lotsa pretty girls in their undies for you to see...I know I will, but then again, everyone already knows I'm a pervert anyway.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today has been a butt-fucking lousy-ass day.

One of the things that frustrates me the most is people who still don't listen even after I've explained myself several times. I experienced one such incident today.

I was trying to renew my road tax and insurance with AmAssurance, which is something I've been doing for the last several years ever since I bought my heap of junk (RE: my car). Normally, its a pleasant, hassle free task...but not today. After my initial call to them this afternoon, where I gave my car details, they said they would call me back in 10 minutes, to which I said 'okay'.

So I waited....and waited...and waited. The 10 minutes had passed.

About 20 minutes later, they called. It was a Malay girl on the line.

Girl 1: (In Malay) Hallo, my name is Zu. Your quote for insurance costs bla bla bla... (some bombastic amount).
Me   : (In English) Wow that's expensive, what does it cover?
Girl 1: (Again in Malay) Oh it has windshield cover for the front, back and sides. 
Me   : (Still trying to speak English) Okay, what else does it have?
Girl 1: (Doesn't this girl know how to speak any fucking English?) It has PA which is personal accident and covers driver, all 4 passengers, bla bla bla...(insert random $ amounts here that I wasn't really paying attention to).
Me   : (Gave up on speaking English to this kampung idiot) Okay, did I take this option last year?
Girl 1: Oh, we don't have your record for last year, only for 2008.
Me   : ......what??? You called me last year to sell it to me, which I did I purchase, and now you're telling me you don't have my records?
Girl 1: You didn't buy from us, we only have your record till 2008.
Me   : #@$%@#$%#@$^!!! (In my head only..still being polite). Please go and check.
Girl 1: Okay I will call you back in 10 minutes.
Me   : Fine.

*Twiddle thumbs twiddle thumbs twiddletwiddletwiddle thumbs....15 minutes later*

Girl 1: Zu here ah. No, we don't have your record for last 2009. You didn't buy from us.
Me   : Then who the hell has my money??
Girl 1: I dunno.
Me   : (Already steaming) Fine. Forget it. I have the insurance and road tax papers. You can say whatever you want. Anyway, if I don't take the PA, what does my basic insurance cover.
Girl 1: It will cover the driver and 4 passengers to the amount of bla bla bla...
Me   : Huh? No wait, I asked what I will be covered for if I only take the basic insurance plan. No PA, nothing.
Girl 1: Okay wait awhile ah, I count.
Me   : Nonono, I just want to know what it covers.
Girl 1: Ya, it will cost you...
Me   : No. Listen to me, do you understand my question or not? I want to know what it coverage I will get.
Girl 1: Yes lah! It will cost (insert random amount again)...
Me   : (Gritting teeth). Is there someone else I can speak to?
Girl 1: Okay I will get my officer to call u back in 10 minutes.
Me   : What's your officer's name?
Girl 1: ...erm....Doris.
Me   : Okay.

*Again waiting...and waiting...and waiting...sigh.*

Girl 2: (Still in MALAY!!!) Hallo, this is Liana calling from AmAssurance ya. My colleague gave me your details and said you have some problems?
Me   : No, I don't have any problems. I thought Doris was supposed to call me back? She's the officer right? Are you an officer too?
Girl 2: Erm...Doris assigned me to call you back...I am her colleague.
Me   : (Scratching walls) Fine. I want to complain about your colleague. She does not understand what I am saying even though I repeated it so many times!
Girl 2: (Politely) What is it that you were asking?
Me   : I just want to know, if I take only the basic insurance plan, what does it cover?
Girl 2: Oh, that means you can only claim for your car repair if you are in an accident.
Me   : (To the tune of angels singing HALLELUJAH in my head) Finally a proper answer! Ok I will take the PA but...bla bla bla...this is my card details, bla bla bla...
Girl 2: OK, we will bill this amount to your card tomorrow and will courier the policy and road tax to you provided you have no police summonses outstanding on your car.
Me   : (In my head, 'Uh oh.') Kthanxbye.

Scrambled to check my summonses online, and what did I find?

Ah fuck!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phones again...

My baby's getting a new phone. It's the Hot Pink colored Nokia 7230.

Pretty, isn't it? She was supposed to get the purple colored Nokia 7610 Supernova that I mentioned in my previous post. Unfortunately, when we went to Digital Mall in Section 14 to check out the prices, we were told that it was out of production as Nokia had come out with a newer, more updated model, the 7230. With a 3.2MP camera, larger 2.4 inch screen, 3G capabilities, Nokia Maps (supposedly built in) and a 2GB memory card included in the box, it was definately a better model than the Supernova. Sadly, Nic had to give up her dream of owning a purple colored mobile phone. At RM490 from a tiny mobile shop in SS15 (who's supposedly the distributor for the Selangor area), it was cheaper than the Supernova too, which would have been approximately RM500-600.

Since I've been toying with the idea of buying a new phone anyway, when we went to pay the deposit on her phone I was itchified enough to start asking the sales guy about phones for myself. He asked: "What brand are you looking for? And what's your budget?" My response to that was: (in my head) 'Ohshitidunno'. "Erm. Sony Ericsson? Maybe RM800 like that?"

So he recommended me a phone that looked pretty darn good looking. The SE W705.

I can honestly say that the brushed metal silver casing, with its understated gold trimmings really hooked me from first sight. And this is coming from a person who's favourite colour is black. It was priced at only RM658. That sounded awesomely cheap at the time for something that looked that good. Plus, Nic was encouraging me to get something for myself because it was clear to her that I really wanted to get a new phone so I could 'retire' my trusty old SE K618i.

So I went home that night, all quiet and introspective, and after a late dinner, plunged into the world of mobile phones to find out what I really wanted. After several hours of searching, I found that I had a whole shitload of candidates from both Nokia as well as Sony Ericsson, which included the Nokia 5800, N86, 5530, 5535, SE Yari, W705, G705, and W995. I knew I needed to really knuckle down and narrow the list quickly otherwise I would probably either never get around to buying anything, or buying something on impulse and regretting it.

What I did was, I came up with a list of features that I wanted. Being the semi-geek that I am, I want all the latest stuff, but can't afford it. So I came to a middle ground of sorts. Here's my list.

1) It must be a slider or a touchscreen.
2) It needs to have an accelerometer sensor. (Click on the link if you're not sure what an accelerometer is)
3) It needs to be WiFi enabled.
4) It needs to have GPS capabilities.
5) It needs to have a camera above 3 megapixels.
6) It can't be above RM800.
7) It needs to look good to me.

Some of those are wants, and some of those are needs. It was tough figuring out which was which. Fortunately, some of those decisions were easy enough to make. Through more tedious research, I found out that most new phones now have accelerometers built in, and all the phones I wanted already included that attribute.

I also realised that I did not want to opt for a touchscreen phone because the ones on my list were built with resistive touchscreens, (which means they require pressure to operate, full definition here) and I would need to take great care not to damage the screen and put any undue pressure on it. To summarize, it would be just too much work. That eliminated all the Nokia's I had on my list with the exception of the N86.

So, 2 down, 5 more to go. These 5 were the toughest because I could see the need in every one of them. I needed the WiFi to cut down on the data costs on my mobile plan, I needed the GPS so that I wouldn't get lost whenever I'm in unfamiliar territory, I needed it to be comparatively cheap because I'm desperately overbudget (not just for this month, its more like on an accumulative basis) and I need a good camera because I don't, and never have had, an actual standalone camera.

Of the remaining phones, the first to go was the SE Yari. Though it was cheap, and rather pretty, it didn't have WiFi. Bye bye birdy. The next to be dismissed was the SE G705. Even though it had everything I wanted, I thought it was ugly. Toodle-doo. The next phone to be ruled out was the W705. This was difficult to do because it was simply too pretty...and it was cheap too! Unfortunately it had no GPS capabilities, and after weighing the pros and cons of GPS, I decided to let it go. So long...fare well.

Finally I was down to 2 phones, the Nokia N86 and SE W995. By this time it was already 6am. Both these phones were also over the RM800 mark, with the N86 costing over RM1200 and the W995 costing RM1038, both for AP sets. However, as you can see, the budget limitation of RM800 had long gone out the window. But with the exception of that fact, each phone had all the other features I was looking for. In fact, it was a close call between these phones because both had excellent reviews and very similar sets of features.

N86 - which has a dual-slide function. This side is for regular use.

This side, on the other hand, is for music and gaming! XD

However, after 2 more hours of review-reading, the SE W995 still won out for several reasons.

1) It was prettier. No wait. It was fucking gorgeous! The N85 doesn't even come close in this category.
2) It's a much newer model.
3) It's cheaper. Though not by alot, but still!
4) It's not a Symbian hopefully less chance of it 'hanging'.
5) It has motion sensor related games like 'Bowling'. I know, that function has been around for awhile in SE phones...but I DONT HAVE IT YET! Besides, even though the N86 has the N-GAGE function built in, you still need to pay for those games...right?
6) Oh don't mind me. I'm just making up more reasons to buy the W995 because it's prettier to look at. I'm such a shallow, shallow person. XD

Before I forget, here are some photos of my baby-to-be.

Here's what caught my eye. The brushed metal...
Here's what made me take a second look. The kickstand, 8.1MP camera and the 3.5mm earphone jack which is only found on this Walkman model!

And here's what made me fall in love! *sighs dreamily* I can already feel it in my hands...mmmmm....

Oh, and by the way....I'm taking the black coloured one. :P

Was there ever any doubt?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The many faces of...

Went on a date with my baby the other day...spent the whole day in One Utama watching a movie, walking around and eating (of course!). I love going makan makan with my baby...she comes up with the funniest faces whenever there's food around.  

And she makes ME make funny faces too. :P

Oy, I need to get a better camera. And I will! Very soon too! More on that later...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I support free music...u can too!

Just downloaded 2 new songs. 1 is currently playing on the radio, 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train. The other is 'Unstoppable' by Rascal Flatts. Its a pretty new song I think, still haven't heard it on the radio yet. I heard both on CSI though. 'Unstoppable' is on the latest episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and 'Hey Soul Sister' I saw on CSI: NY.

U can download them too.

Train - Hey Soul Sister
Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Games

Been crazy about gaming recently. First I got this craving to play Left 4 Dead, which I've never been able to play because the game DVD I bought so many months ago was faulty. So one fine day, Nic and I went to 1 Utama to purchase the game. Instead of buying the original Left 4 Dead, I bought Left 4 Dead 2. 

Similar game, just new and improved. She bought the Sims 3: World Adventure game that she's been trying to get for several months now (coincidentally, the earlier DVD she bought of the game didn't work either). We went home, all eager to play the game and....both the DVD's didn't work. Again. Hers wouldn't install properly and kept coming up with errors. Mine wouldn't even register on my 3 month old laptop's DVD drive. It was frustrating, to say the least. 

So we had to troop back to 1 Utama to get the DVD's changed, and I said a little prayer before popping mine into the DVD drive. And it worked, thank the Lord! So I had lots of fun shooting zombies and getting extremely dizzy from jerking my mouse around to shoot those ugly buggers who appeared to come up to nowhere.

 Braiiiiiinnnnnsssss....we want braaaaiiiinnnnssssss...

However, Nic's game still wouldn't install on her pc. So when she tried installing it on my laptop and it installed successfully...well, let's just say that I can still hear her screams of frustration in my head. Hohohohoho....

So now I had 2 games. L4D2 and Sims 3: World adventures. Woo hoo! However, all I've only managed to get to the point of creating my character, and starting to change the furnishings of the house I bought (after utilising the money cheat, of course.) :P

 He looks so gay. Oh, and check out his name. :P (Inside joke, people)

So now I have 2 games. Before I could play my fill of those games, I started getting itchy for yet another game from my past....Counter Strike. After a few hours of hunting on the web and downloading the required installation file and the bots needed to play a single player local game....Wallah! Craving satisfied...sort of. 

*Post momentarily interrupted by a 'comparatively brief' CS session*

Despite doing the same thing over and over for hundreds of times, I never seem to get bored.
Ah, the mysterious lure of shooting stuff. 

Anyway, so many games, so little time. Bubbaiz.

*Go go go!*

*Fire in the hole! ... ... KaBOOM*


Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 Sardines In A Can...

Sorry, this post was supposed to have been posted on the 4th of March. As usual, I've been very lax with my posts recently.  

Well, we managed to fit almost everything inside the small room. The mattress fits, all our clothes sort of fit, the many assortments of toiletries and self care products fit too, and there's even space for a mid sized coffee table which holds my laptop, books, letters and various other items. It is nothing short of amazing how compact things are now.

Where once I thought we had trouble fitting all our things into the middle room, I am still in disbelief that despite cramming everything into every spare inch of space we have, she still let me have some precious space on the coffee table for my junk. Heheh. I know my baby's done alot to reassure me that the move isn't quite so bad, and she sacrificed alot so that I wouldn't feel too miserable about being crowded into such a small area. In addition, I didn't do very much over the entire moving period because I was at work most of the time. When I went home one day, everything was magically all set up. It was as if we had pixie-fairies at home doing all the work.  XD

(Just kidding just kidding don't pinch me Nic!)

Advertisement Break: ZzzZZzzZzZzzZZzZZzzzz....sorry fell asleep while at my desk...this is why its so difficult to finish my posts sometimes! hohoho! :P

In any case, we're all moved in now and all that's left is the tidying up of the remaining bits and pieces scattered around the living room in the aftermath of the move. Despite my whining and moaning, the whole moving thing isn't quite as bad as it seems. After all, we have 4 new people in the house so it's rarely empty. The 2 girls staying in the middle room are turning out to be rather nice people. From what Nic told me, they're both young accounting clerks. In addition, from what I've observed, they're pretty simple people and get along very well with each other, if their frequent shrieks of laughter are any indication.

On the other hand, the sisters (or one of the sisters, anyway), are starting to rub us the wrong way. They keep to themselves alot, and rarely exit their room except to go to the kitchen area or leave the house. So far, they've been tardy with their deposit payments despite confirming their tenancy many weeks ago. Then, the younger sister almost jammed the lock on the front door 2 days ago because she was talking on the phone and wasn't paying attention to what she was doing when she turned the key the wrong way. The younger sister reminds me of someone I know...however I can't quite place my finger on who that is....and whether that reminder is a good thing or not.  

Finally, the last bit of news from my 'oh-so-not-exciting-life'. I've finally finished the last bit of available credit on my blasted P1 W1max prepaid account which I received free with my laptop. I had 4 more days left on the validity on the credit but I couldn't be fucked because the damn connection really is crap. One minute it'll be fine, the next minute I can't even load Gmail. So I *ahem* 'borrowed' (re: kidnapped) the wireless router from my aunt and uncle's house because they weren't using it, hooked it up, and am now sharing Nic's Streamyx connection with her and the 2 girls in the middle room. It's not as blazing fast as it was previously, but it's nowhere near as bad as P1 either.

So since I don't have to worry about counting my kilobyte usage anymore, I went hunting for a new website to replace my beloved (RIP), which has been shut down. So far I've found one I'm quite satisfied with. Not only does it have the usual movies and tv shows, but it also has games and ebooks! (Yes, I'm a nerd) So I'm very very satisfied for the time being.