Thursday, December 31, 2009

Food Overload!

I went to try the sort-of-new Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Soho KL today with Nic. They're having their 1st Anniversary Celebration with pretty reasonable promo prices. Usually costing between RM70 - RM88++ per person, it now costs only RM49.90++ per pax for lunch and supper, and dinner costs only RM28.80++ for every second person. They also got some other group promo, beer promo, senior citizen discount, etc etc. Overall I found it pretty effin' awesome. FYI, this isn't an advert. I just really enjoyed myself. Oh, and I've been waiting to do this since earlier this evening....

Omgomgomgomg they've got a whole friggin' bbq lamb on a skewer!!! *Scream* 

I've never seen a whole lamb before. Skinny lil' things, aren't they? They're no larger than a medium sized dog.

So my entire dinner was pretty much made up of lamb, lamb, more lamb, some sushi and sashimi bits, a small serving of buttery oyster mushrooms (which was delicious!), juice, and ice cream. Sometimes I wonder why I bother going to a Japanese buffet....

Anyway, speaking of ice cream, this place serves both Haagen Daaz and Baskin Robbins! They also have some Japanese ice cream thing going on in the far corner of the outdoor seating area where you can blend in fruits with your choice of flavored ice cream. Nifty idea, but didn't really appeal to me at the time. I just wanted my BR! I lurrrrveeee BR. They didn't have my favorite flavors, but what they had wasn't too shabby. Unfortunately, by the time I decided to have dessert, I was so stuffed I only managed to have 1 small plateful (they only provided plates, not bowls). T.T *sob*

Of course, being the greedy pig I am, I still managed to grab a combo of the chocolate (I think it was Rocky Road), Lime Sorbet,  Coffee and some weird tasting cherry ice cream. Nic had her own combo of Haagen Daaz ice cream and the Japanese ice cream.

Anyway, enough about Tenji. I just finished eating a mere 2.5 hours ago and I'm craving for another shot at the ice cream counter again. Oh, and no, I didn't take any photos. I was too busy eating. Besides, I don't have a camera, and my phone's camera sucks in low light situations. So here's the next best thing. Tenji's Gallery. By the way, did I mention that this place has outdoor seating with a pretty respectable ambiance?
Its a smokers haven too.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aussie = Money

Just came back from a yumcha session with E. We talked about our upcoming trip to Perth, AU, which is coming up in May 2010. I can't wait! Haven't been back there since I graduated from uni. Its gonna be awesome. 12 days in Aussie. Just imagine all the gel and toothpaste I'm gonna buy! :P

Yes...other people like shopping for clothes, I like shopping for human grooming products. ^_^

Anyways, we were talking about accommodation and budgets. With the exchange rate currently hovering around RM3 = AUD1, everything is pretty friggin' expensive. Plus, I don't wanna stay at a backpackers inn. Those places are fun for most people, but I find them pretty unsafe. Besides, a private room at a backpackers costs pretty much the same as a room at a 3 star hotel!

So I've been hunting for short stay rental apartments. I've found a few cheap ones in Subiaco, but hopefully they're still available when I'm ready to book. Otherwise I might have to resort to sharing an apartment with strangers at my alma matter, Murdoch Uni at their on campus accomodation. Not that I'd mind revisiting the Student Village (now called the Murdoch University Village), its the whole 'staying with strangers' thing that bugs me.

Anyway, after much calculation, using an exchange rate of 2.9 (just in case it never goes down), I figure I'd need about RM2000 to book a place that costs AUD60 a night for 12 nights. Even using an exchange rate of 2.5 isn't much better cuz that only increases my budget by 6 bucks a night. >.<" Plus, I wanna bring at least AUD500 as cash to spend. That's another...RM1250 - 1500...!!! *groan*
Sooner or later I'm gonna look like $_$ all the time...

Monday, December 28, 2009


Someone made me clean the house toilets today...thankfully there were only 2. I'm so tired and wet (with water!). All the strength has gone out of my right arm. Thankfully, it isn't my 'business' arm. ^.^

Just read a friend's latest blog post. Her house was just broken into for the 2nd time in just over a year. Poor thing. I wanna help, but I don't really know how. Right now what she needs most is a cheap place to stay. Suggestions, anyone?

I've been finding myself unusually grumpy recently too. Which is probably the reason why I keep arguing with someone. Its not really her fault too. I admit, she can be difficult to live with sometimes, and so can I, but still, there's gotta be a solution to it. Perhaps I'm just extremely irritable, which probably means I'm due some quiet time to myself. However, she keeps talkinggggg....... >.<"

I realised that the Fishie widget that I am so fascinated with doesn't work right when viewed from my laptop (I installed it at work when I was setting up the was a slow day for me :P). Its quite frustrating when something I like doesn't work the way I want it to. Which probably explains why I'm having so many problems with...everything!


When I wasn't accused me. 

When I am still accuse me.

When I wasn't trying...we fight.

When I am trying...we still fight. Even worse now.

What else can I do?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I couldn't resist...

Can't get this song out of my head. Often sung by Butters Stotch from Southpark:

Lu lu lu I've got some apples,
Lu lu lu you've got some too,
Lu lu lu let's make some applesauce,
Take off our clothes and lu lu lu.

I love Southpark...but Nic can't stand it. She says the characters' voices make her wanna puke. She totally has no taste. :P

I've been so busy...

...tinkering with the template and adding stuff to the sidebar that I almost forgot to post. Heee.... XD

Then I was so fascinated with with the gadget I added with the colorful fishies swimming around that I almost didn't want to post. I just wanted to play with them all day.

I wonder how long it'll take for me to get bored of them...hmmm...

I also wonder how long it'll take before I start getting too lazy to post.!