Friday, February 26, 2010

Change... something that I try as much as possible to avoid. The more change...the more I try to resist. Some people would say that's not a good thing, that change is good, and maybe it is, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it. I guess there're pros and cons to everything that occurs.

Ever since Nic and I got together almost 4 months ago, and I unofficially (at the time) moved in to her condo, we've pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. She did have a housemate at the time, but that girl was around so rarely she might as well not have been there. We hardly noticed when she moved out, it was such a non-event. Since then, we've been unable to rent out the rooms despite putting adverts into several different websites. Being that she has strict rules when renting out rooms to potential tenants (they need to be female chinese only), it does narrow the possibilities down somewhat. There were a number of calls, however most were from guys or non-chinese. Several other calls were from people who proclaimed interest, who made us run around cleaning up our messes because they suddenly wanted to come view the rooms...and then never showed up. (Bloody Bastards!)

Despite all that, there's been a real flood of interested tenants recently, all looking for last minute accomodation. I mean, if you want to move in in March, shouldn't you be looking for a place much, much earlier? About a few weeks ago, we successfully rented out the master bedroom to 2 sisters. That was a drama and a half in itself! One minute they're so hard up for the room that they insist to pay a deposit right then and there. Several days later, they're calling to ask if they can have the deposit back because they wanna get a whole unit with their friend. I mean like, dudes, make up your mind, can? Then they wanna think about it. Then they finally decide to stay.

In the mean time, there's another girl who says she wants to take up the small room. We think, 'Perfect. We can take the middle room then, and have a full house'. And then, 30 minutes after she was supposed to arrive to view the room, Nic calls to ask where she is and she's inconsiderate enough to say that she isn't coming because her girlfriend might want to see the place too and they'll only come view it after the Chinese New Year. And like an afterthought, she tells us that, oh, she might be taking the middle room instead. I mean, what the hell, man?

So she finally calls a couple of days ago and says she's back in town and she's changed her mind and wants to come view the single room the next day. She also wanted to move in a couple of days before the 1st of March with no extra rent. We're like, 'oooookay...sure' and Nic goes on to explain the usual rental stuff like deposits and such. Then later on that evening, she texts and says she wanted to move some of her stuff on that very same day, without ever having seen the room, and that she'll pay half of the deposit first, and the rest when she officially moves in on the 1st. We're like, 'huh', and basically agree to her request, however with the condition that we're unable to handover any keys to the house or room before the deposit's paid in full. After that, she never replied any texts or answered any calls Nic made to her until today.Honestly, I'm amazed at Nic's level of patience.

Then sometime yesterday (I was working so I dunno), Nic gets another call to view the middle room, and arranges a time. When I get home, there are 2 girls in the condo checking out the place already. Once they've left, I ask Nic what she thinks of them. "Doesn't look like they're gonna take the room," she says. Since we need to clear out our stuff from the master room by that night itself cuz the 2 sisters are coming to clean the room the next day, we have dinner and start moving our stuff to the middle room. After a few hours of sneezing from the dust and rearranging out stuff in the much smaller room, we're both bone tired. So around 11+ pm, we decided to shower and go to bed.

Things look good. We've managed to move most of our stuff into the new room and everything is arranged pretty nicely. However, that pleasant feeling wasn't destined to last very long. Just as I flop onto the bed, Nic exclaims, "Oh fuck! One of the new girls messaged me at about 10ish and said they're gonna take the middle room". >.<"

And so the exodus begins again...this time into a tiny closet of a room...shaped in such a way that the door only opens a crack when there's a queen sized mattress on the floor and I dunno if there's enough space for all our stuff.

Wish me luck. Cuz I'm scared that it'll only take a miracle to fit all our stuff in. Lol.

*Post edited at 8.45pm after correcting some of my facts...I have a baaaaad memory...* :P

Thursday, February 25, 2010


For some reason, I find this picture so cute and fascinating, despite the fact that the tiger is snarling and looks like it wants to eat someone's head...nom nom nom. But I just wanna huggggggggggg and cuddleeeeeee it. But seriously, the photo is awesome. So incredibly detailed you can see every individual strand(?) of fur. update soon as I get my ass in gear and work on finishing it... :P

Oooh so cuddlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

May 15, 2004

I'm dedicating this post to the person I love, my partner.

To enlarge the image, just click on it.

Image borrowed/directly linked from the Something Positive website. Mr Milholland, I love ur work. Please don't sue me because it will be rather difficult to both love this comic whilst dealing with at a lawsuit. Plus, it'd be rather embarassing too.

Legend Hotel KL

Ahem. Many apologies for the lack of updates recently. I haven't had much internet time when I was away from work, and when I was at work I've been addicted to an online comic I discovered.

Anyway, I had a mini-vacay last week in Legend Hotel KL. Stayed there for a glorious 3 days and 2 nites with Nic, my mom, my sis and her boyfriend. Regardless of the fact that the place was only about 20 minutes away from home, I still consider it a vacay solely because we stayed in a hotel, with room service, cable tv and the works. Sadly, I didn't manage to take any pics, mainly because I kept procrastinating, thinking that I had plenty of time. However, I managed to get a collage of photos from the website, which look pretty similar to the room I was in.

The Legend Hotel

There are small differences, however. Do bear in mind that these are professionally taken promotional photos. So even though our room looked similar, there were no flowers, or decorative pots, or even the cloth runner across the bed (or whatever it's called). On a positive note, its rare to find a hotel room which looks so similar to the promo photos on the official website.

So for those wonderful 3 days, all I did was eat, sleep and watch tv. On the first night we were there, an old friend of my mom's took us out for dinner. We went to Modesto's in CapSquare, KL, because his son was one of the outlet's owners. The place is gorgeous, but because I was so spaced out that night I never even thought of taking any photos. Guess my first priority isn't my blog, after all. Lol. But because of the resourceful person I am, I managed to scrounge up some photos that looked relevant...from other blogs. XD

Modesto's CapSquare, KL
The bar area
Fried prawns and squid rings. Delicious!
Spaghetti something or another. I think my sis had this.
The only reason I put it up the photo is because, with the exception of the meat, it looks similar to what Nic and I had. I had a rack of lamb and Nic had steak. The baby potatoes were delicious!

The food was pretty awesome. Then again, so were the prices. We had 2 appetizer platters with fish fingers, fried prawns and squid rings (I think they were fried anyway. Besides, this isn't a food blog!), as well as a few types of bread to be dipped in an olive oil and vinegar mix. Then the main courses arrived. My mom's friend and I had the rack of lamb, 3 miniscule breaded lamb ribs, each that looked vaguely like an Ayamas nugget. Nic had a slab of medium rare steak with a side of black pepper sauce. My mom, sis and sis' bf had pasta. To be honest, I haven't the faintest idea of what they actually ordered with the exception that it was just different types of pasta. After the entrĂ©es, we each had desserts of chocolate and vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate covered nuts.

The 2nd night we were there, we pretty much slept the entire day, before going out for dinner at some malay food place nearby. Not much to talk about there because the food was just so-so. Then we went back to the hotel and had some fun soaking in the tub. Together. ^_^

Then came the dreaded 3rd and final day. It was time to go home! :( I wish we could have stayed longer. Just as we were starting to get into the swing of things, we needed to leave. So 'potong stim' (killjoy). While my sis and her bf rushed home for an appointment, Nic, my mom and I decided to hang around The Mall for abit. Though it is far from our choice of shopping malls, it was close by (just below the hotel actually) and I needed to get a last minute birthday pressie for my dad. Since I totally suck at buying gifts, after wasting some time standing around deliberating on what to get him, I finally decided to get him one of the few tried and true 'daddy gifts'. Boxer shorts. I will always cherish the moment where my mom asked my girlfriend which colour shorts would suit my dad better.

Omfg. >.<"

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have lots to blog about over the last several days. Stay tuned. Unfortunately, with me being somewhat allergic to cameras because I think they make me look like a goddamnned tourist, I haven't gotten into the habit of taking photos. So no 'pwetty pickhures' for ya'll. Sorry! Will try harder next time. Sort of.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So many phones...

I've been toying with the idea of buying a new phone over the last few months. Most people would say, 'What the hell is taking you so long? Wanna buy, just buy lah!'. However, I'm not the type to rush into hasty decisions when it comes to expensive items. After all, it took me over a year to buy a new laptop, and I couldn't decide on which one I actually wanted until I looked at it and realised I was ready to buy something NOW.

So now I've begun my preparationary search for a phone. Because of that, I was checking out some new phones on Here are some of the cool, wacky and wonderful phones I've seen today.

Cool - LG GD900 - Oh pwettyyyyyy....

If there's one thing that LG is good at, its designing futuristic looking products. That's a good thing because they suck at doing anything else. I included this phone because its got a transparent keypad that glows when the phone is slid open. Cool huh?

Wacky - LG GD580 Lollipop - Lollipop Lollipop, Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli...

I'm including this next phone...purely for my entertainment. Seriously, I don't recommend don't buy this waste of space. It cost about RM 800 bucks, and you're mostly paying for the design of the outer shell.

There is basically nothing special about this phone to qualify for it to be posted here....except for the fact that it is called Lollipop. And its pink. And long. Doesn't that remind you of something naughty? Rofl.   XD

Wonderful - Nokia 7705 - Omgomgomg its so cute I just wanna pinch its cheeks!

Stylish, cool and small! This phone, when swiveled open, should be about the size of a blackberry.

However, though it's slightly thicker and broader (only by a few mms) than a regular Apple iPhone, it is also just about half the length (because it's square, duh).

This phone doesn't have a price because since it doesn't support GSM, it probably will never ever see Malaysia. Doesn't that mean its about the size of a square 20 stick, ciggarette box?

And Finally - Nokia 7610 Supernova - I know somebody who will love this one. The pictures are worth a thousand words.

Estimated price: Approx RM700. :D

Monday, February 15, 2010

Advertising me

Decided to ignore my work for most of today and make some changes to my blog. For a Monday, its been surprisingly quiet so far, and I even managed to fit in a short nap. Spent about 2-3 hours putting up a new post, registering for Nuffnang (decided to sign up for it despite not having the recommended 20+ unique clicks a day), inputting the Nuffnang HTML code into my template (that took about an hour because I couldn't find the damn place to put the code for the sidebar ad!), removed the Google Adsense ads (which took all of 2 minutes to do), and also removed my Fishies application.

Though I love the Fishie application because it's pretty, my sidebar's starting to get awfully cluttered, what with the new Nuffnang app, Twitter app, blog and other links, Follower's app, archive and list of tags. So I removed the Fishie app because it was the least important.

I initially did not want to succumb to my empty pockets by putting up any sort of advertising on my blog because I didn't want to bother any of my readers with gaudy, flashing, annoying images. However, upon further contemplation, I changed my mind. After all, I have clicked on a few of these advertisements before because they managed to stimulate my curiosity. Plus, who knows? In a year's time, I maybe I'll be able to cash out a RM50 cheque of free money. By that time, with the way cigarette prices are rising, it might be just enough to buy me a pack or two...(okay okay I admit, I was exaggerating a little there).

I'm still waiting to see if I'll be tempted enough to add those widgets that try to pull traffic off random Google searches. Oh well, only time will tell. 

CNY + V-day

 What I did for CNY eve and CNY Day 1/V-day.

5pm - 7pm: Woke up late (I was on night shift the previous night), sent Nic back to her mom's place, collected the yee sang I ordered from her mom, put petrol, pumped air into my tyres, drove back to my parents' place.
7pm - 7.30pm: Got nagged at by my mom for gaining weight. As usual. Played with my favourite doggie. Waited for my family to get ready to go out for reunion dinner.
7.30pm - 9pm: Went to pick Nic up (as she was done with dinner). Drove back to my parents' place and continued waiting.
9pm - 9.30pm: Gave up on waiting because it was too late to go out for dinner. Decided to order Domino's pizza instead. Yes. We were having pizza for reunion dinner. It was either that, or KFC. My family is not normal.
9.30pm - 10.30pm: Pizza arrived. Had our yee sang to begin the dinner (it was good! The best yee sang I've eaten this year) then continued with the pizza.
10.30pm - 12.30am: After dinner and some weird tasting tea my mom made (some healthy crap. My mom's always into that kinda stuff) then went and watched TV until after midnight. Wished my parents g'night and headed on home.
12.30am - 5am: Went online and played Mafia Wars on Facebook all night.
5am - 6am: Argued with Nic, made up then went to bed.

CNY Day 1/V-day
2.30pm - 3.30pm: Woke up and read a book while Nic was watching 'Fat Actress' (a comedy series starring Kirsty Allen).
3.30pm - 4.30pm: Got hungry, made some Maggi Noodles with a sausage and some crabsticks.
4.30pm - 6.30pm: Watched Reaper with Nic (another comedy series that I like very much).
6.30pm - 7.30pm: Smelled someone frying chicken. Drooled. I had the bright idea to  'tapao' (takeaway) some KFC and have that for our Valentine's Day dinner (yes, I'm cheap! And decidedly unromantic).
7.30pm - 10.30pm: Had our delicious, finger lickin' good KFC Original Recipe dinner plates (I was savouring mine for 2 whole hours...I take slow eating to a whole new level! wahahaha) and continued watched Reaper together.
10.30pm - 10.35pm: Mourned the loss of Reaper because we had finished season 2 and there was no season 3 as the show had been cancelled last year. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 
10.35pm - 11pm: Took a nice shower and did the 'pore pack thing' together with Nic. She had a Skinfood one that she wanted me to try.
11pm - 11.20pm: Went online to check my MW character. Then pulled off the pore pack and compared them to see who had cooler whiteheads. She won. We're weird. I know.
11.20pm - 12am: Continued playing MW while deluding myself that I was going to sleep 'early'.
12am: Finally forced myself to go to bed.

And now...I look like a big, fat panda bear in the office...with 10 more hours to go out of my 13 hour shift! *Groan*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have finally caught up...

...with the rest of the tech-savvy community. What I mean is, I've finally got my lazy ass into gear and signed up for Twitter! This is quite a big thing for me, because like some people, I'm sorta afraid of things that I don't know about. I'm also too lazy to put in the effort and commitment it takes to learn something new. The worst part is kickstarting the entire learning process.

In any case, one fateful day in the office (where else? :P) I decided to get down to business, and signed up for my own account. One bad thing I've noticed about Twitter is that they do not do anything about inactive accounts until 18 months from the date of the last update. I mean like, these people are just camping there and yet their accounts still remain active for 1.5 years? Anyway, before I deviate further, I signed up and actually learnt how to use it pretty quickly. I was almost a pro by the end of the day, thanks to lots of practice with Lil Ms Thong and Big Cow. :P

The concept of the whole thing is surprisingly simple and efficient. To me its just like Facebook status updates, without the rest of the junk that comes with it. I mean, I can definately see the lure of 'sharing' those really exciting things that happen to us everyday, like, 'I just took a crap. Its sooooo smelly!', or 'I saw a guy digging his nose. He had the biggest booger ever!'.

However, the question remains. Do we really need to know when you went to the toilet, what you had for lunch or how many spatters of birdie-gifts you received when you parked under that big tree today?

And judging from the popularity of this application/website, I believe the answer is YES in triplicate. We seem to thrive on knowing the most useless things about not just our friends, but also people we hardly know. I've had total strangers sign up to follow me for no absolute reason. If they were following my blog, that would be fine because at least I have something semi-intelligent to say most of the time. However, why follow me on Twitter when the most intelligent thing I've said so far is "kemenyan smell + cabbage smell = fried luncheon meat smell. yummmm~! lol". I mean, seriously?

Regardless, Twitter continues to hold my attention, mainly because:
1) its still new (to me!)
2) I can access it from my office (yay!) and
3) the main purpose of its existence is to enable its users to 'stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages', which basically means that you are actually encouraged to 'share' the stupidest, most mundane parts of your life with everyone you are connected with on Twitter.

So the next time I'm stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in line at some predictably inefficient govt office, feel that I'm in a good, bad or weird mood, need to pee, smoke or take a prepared to hear about it! XD

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I said: "What what, in the butt"

I saw the funniest thing on a random 'innit' that I saw on nuffnang while I was on the site earlier. However, please don't ask me what an 'innit' is, because I haven't the faintest fuckin' idea what it's 'in'.

Oooooooooooooooo~! Someone's being naughty!

Anyway, the moment I saw that, being the innocent angel that I am, I felt disgusted to my very core and hurriedly closed the web browser to avoid tainting my fragile mind any further.

Yeah right! XD

What actually happened was that I moved like greased lightning and clicked on the word 'butt' so fast my mouse pointer was nothing more than a blurry smear on the screen.

And then, to tempt me further, it brought me to this:

WOW! Porn! Awesome! So I clicked again. And I wasn't disappointed at all. You can see what I saw right here. Thank you Crazy Onion!

Have fun.

Oh btw, this butt-topic also reminded me of a song I heard on Southpark. Its called What What (In The Butt) and I'm dedicating this part of the post to my darling (since I've managed to corrupt her by repeatedly singing this song in front of her. Its got a really catchy chorus). :P

I've included the lyrics below and the youtube video for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Chorus 1
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

Chorus 2
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
Let's do it in the butt,

I feel you watching me, over there
Come to me, if you care
Don't sit and stare, it's just not fair
Make your move, if you dare

What what

Repeat Chorus 1 and Chorus 2

It's okay, if you have a little fright
Don't you worry, I won't bite (not that hard)
If you wan't it, I'll give you power
Just be gentle, I'm delicate like a flower

Repeat Chorus 1

I will give you what you need
all I wan't is your big fat seed
give it to me if you please
give it to me if you please (Repeat once)

Repeat Chorus 1 and Chorus 2

I said: "What what, in the butt"
(I will give you what you need)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(all I wan't is your big fat seed)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(give it to me if you please)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(give it to me if you please)

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(I will give you what you need)
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(all I wan't is your big fat seed)
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(give it to me if you please)
Let's do it in the butt,
(give it to me if you please)
I said: "what what" okay.  

What What (In The Butt)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Today when I signed in to blogger, I noticed something new. Well, new to me anyway. On the far right of my Blogger Dashboard, next to my blog title, it now states that I have 1 Follower! Unfortunately, being the usual 'blur cock' that I am, I have no friggin' idea how long it's been sitting there waiting for me to notice it.

In any case, my blog now has 1 official follower. Thank you Big Cow! As an additional gesture of appreciation, I have hyperlinked your name to your blog address so that the rest of the gazillion readers *cough cough* who visit my blog can click on it and visit you too.

So to celebrate, I decided to sign up for Nuffnang and maybe eventually earn RM50 and buy myself some ciggies. XD

Though the amount of traffic I have is so non-existent that it might take me at least 2 years before I'm able to earn even that teensy weensy amount of cash, free money is still free money, right? So I went to their website, browsed a little bit, and finally clicked on the 'Sign Up' button. What did I see then?

Well just great. I'm lucky if I get THREE unique visits daily, don't say twenty. Who do they think I am, Kenny Sia or something?

Kenny, I 'pinjam' your picture only hor, don't sue me okay? :P

Have you ever...

...had to sit and listen to the same loud, annoying, and incessant voice for what seems like forever, and not been able to do anything about it? For those who work in the customer servicing industry, have u ever had colleagues who's voices just irritate you for no particular reason? To you, the effect of their voices are like nails scratching on a blackboard, or construction workers drilling and hammering in the next door house/apartment while you're trying to sleep. You just want to yell at them to stop...but you can't.

Personally, I have several of these irritating people (voices) in my office. Because they sit in the row opposite me, I am easily 'exposed' to their voices whenever they happen to sit directly in front of me. Naturally, as with all call centres, there are barriers between the desks to prevent sound from travelling too much, but with my cheapo company, the barriers are so low the only thing they're good for is.... .... ....ummm....actually, I can't think of anything.

So for Person A, her voice sounds like any other person's voice. It's not particularly high pitched or off key or scratchy. Its just loud. You must be thinking, what's so bad about it then? Well, when I say loud, I mean like, really, REALLY LOUD. And she doesn't know that she will not die if she doesn't SHUT THE FUCK UP for 2 seconds. She can talk, non-stop, about nothing for her entire shift. Some people talk alot, but at least there's some substance to their chatter. This one...really a tin kosong being kicked around a dirty back alley. She doesn't just make loud noises, she even provides the goddamned echoes for ya. Plus, ladies and gents, she doesn't just talk, she thinks she's a damn good singer too. So I gotta listen to some godawful hee-haws coming from 'across the border' as we call it, everytime she sits opposite me (we have a free/hot seating arrangement). I've tried wearing earphones and blasting the music whenever she starts to grate on my nerves, but it doesn't always work. At times, the sound levels for the music/show that I'm listening to would be so deafening that even my teammates can can hear what I'm listening to...but I could still hear her voice over the racket coming from my earphones.

As for Person B, his voice is also loud, but that's not the bad part. You see, B's voice is also high pitched, wavery, and so very 'hiao' (effeminate) that everytime I heard it I'd get goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck would stand (he's gay, btw. Not that I have a problem with that). It took me 6 months to figure out that the 'female' voice I was hearing belonged to a (ugly, overly flamboyant, thick skinned) guy. I've worked here for a whole year already and every time I hear his voice I still think he's a woman!

Person C, on the other hand has a voice that would be perfectly alright if it weren't for 1 thing. The fake accent, mateys. Its great if you speak excellent English, and the accent just rolls naturally off your tongue. Seriously, what the hell is up with those people who can't even tell the difference between when to use 'much' and 'many', and thinking that they sound so damn cool with their Australian or British or American accents? If you're making a joke of the accent, or are just using it to say 1 to 2 words, okay fine, whatever. But to use it everytime you open your mouth? You don't want to be Malaysian issit? Go bleach your skin white la, you bloody SPG (Sarong Party Girl).

In any case, due to different shifts and seating arrangements and such, I'm not always exposed to the horror of having to put up with these 3 walking nightmares. I've managed to avoid C almost completely, except for a greeting every once in awhile. As for B, I cringe whenever I see him, but he doesn't talk that much, so its easy to grit my teeth and ride it out. Sometimes, he does become more of a nuisance, like that time where he was 'sharing' one of his sexual experiences with a squealing gaggle of girls, which included A. That time, not only did I have to put up with his voice painting vivid pictures of how the other guy was terrible in bed and had a small dick, I also had to control myself from going up to him and stabbing him with a ballpoint pen when he began loudly demonstrating what his fake orgasm moans sounded like.

However, my luck usually runs out when it comes to A. She likes to sit at the desk opposite mine, and I encounter her on average of maybe once every week to once every two weeks. I'm fortunate that it doesn't occur more often, else I would have ground my teeth down to useless nubs by now from all the frustration.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm very lucky today....because not only did A decide to sit in front of me, B decided to join her too. Momma help meeeeeeeeeeeeee......!  T_T