Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, as you can see, I've changed my template. Blogger's come up with some fabulous new configuration options (and about time too!) and I just had to take advantage of them. Despite the huge selection of templates and backgrounds, as well as the several hours I spent on tweaking it, there haven't been all that many major changes. Guess I like things simple and user friendly.

Not that anyone would be interested, but just for my future reference (because I stupidly forgot to take a screenshot of how my blog used to look like), here are the major changes I've made:

1) It used to have a plain black background, but now its just a grey-black pinstriped background. More striking and less drab, no?

2) I also now have an additional sidebar on the left, and rearranged some of the widgets and deleted others which were only there because I have itchy fingers. I'm pleased to note that I've finally gotten around to deeming them unnecessary and deleting them, mainly because I am abit of a packrat and tend to collect useless junk.

3) I've added the Nuffnang ad units as widgets instead of spending ages to hunt through the mass of html in the Edit Template section and painstakingly adding them one by one...only to have to re-do them each time I want to update my template. The only exception is the 'Large Rectangle' ad unit that cannot be made into a widget because it only appears at the bottom of the 1st post.

Additional edit: 4) Also added a widget which allows me to view the live traffic on my blog. Most people probably won't even glance at it, but its interesting to me because until now I'm still fascinated that there are actually people out there (besides Nic, who reads it to see if I did anything naughty behind her back) who are interested enough to actually take time from their busy day (pure assumption here) to read the crap I put out. ;P

Everything else is pretty much the same, but I don't think anyone will be able to notice any further changes. I love tweaking my template. Lol.

If any of this stuff bores you (and I'm pretty sure it did), like I said, it's mainly for my reference because I didn't take a screenshot of how it looked before. :( How am I supposed to see how much my template's progressed if I don't know what it looked like previously? Silly me...

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